Frågor och svar om C2C

Nedan följer frågor och svar om Cradle to Cradle på svenska och engelska.

How can we achieve better social diversity into local development projects?

Through dialogue with all stakeholders and through planning for support of social and cultural diversity from start.

Is there any way to find the list of all C2C products?

Yes. On the webpage C2C Center Länk till annan webbplats. you can find C2C certified products.

Can we somewhere have access to the presentations?

No, they belong to the respective company. You may have the presentations given by the Cefur representatives (Erik & Jens about C2C in general and Johan about the value for Ronneby) but we will send it to those who ask for it. Send a request to

Can C2C be adapted in any industry, for example pharmaceuticals?

Absolutely. Think about packaging for instance.

Who certifies and by what standards?

A Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute is a non-profit organization without any ties to the founders of C2C. They are responsible for certification. Both setting the standard and issuing cetificates. Link: Länk till annan webbplats.

How do you define sustainability in c2c?

To quote William McDonough: “Sustainability is the minimum". C2C is not about sustainability but about planning for and attempting to create a beneficial impact. C2C is not a sustainability methodology but a platform for holistic quality and innovation with focus on materials, energy and diversity.

Är energieffektivisering samma som eco-efficiency?

Ja, men det är inte fel för det. Energieffektivisering kan vara nödvändig för att lyckas gå över till helt förnyelsebar energy – Ett C2C-mål kan aldrig vara att minska energiförbrukningen – snarare är målet att bli 100 procent förnybar eller ännu hellre att generera mer förnyelsebar energy än man gör av med – men vägen dit är ofta energieffektivisering.

Could not C2C and energy efficiency/sustainability be complimentary?

Energy efficiency is not wrong. In fact it is often a tool to reach the target of becoming 100% renewable. When setting C2C-goals however, the goal is more likely to be to generate more renewable energy than is consumed and saving energy can be a tool to be able to reach that goal.

Why dont you use wool or more natural materials for the carpets instead?

Wool is not created with carpets in mind, so to make a carpet of wool you need to treat the wool with chemicals – more often than not with chemicals that are bad for you.

How to find a beneficial way to reuse building materials as glass/concrete?

The first step is knowing what material is where, and to define ways to re-use the material (or recycle it) without losing quality.