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Cefur Showroom

Cefur Showroom is for everyone who wants to know how business and society inspired by Cradle to Cradle can contribute to healthy living environments. It´s all about planning and acting in the right way from the beginning, doing  more good instead of just less bad.

Come and visit Cefur Showroom on wednesdays between 13:00 to 15:00!

Please contact us in advance if you plan to visit us in a larger group.

Other times, you are welcome after contact by email or phone!

Location: Ronneby Soft Center (in the red tower, at Ronneby Kunskapskälla)

Map to site:

No entrance fee!

Cefur Showroom houses an exhibition connected to sustainable development and Cradle to Cradle®. This is a place to take part of and be inspired by good examples of projects, companies, products and materials that are beneficial for nature, the economy and people. At the same time all of these examples bring quality and beauty to the world while creating a positive impact, instead of a negative.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or ideas do not hesitate to contact us at Cefur.

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Companies that exhibit products and services at Cefur Showroom