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Ronneby Brunnspark

 The spring is found

In 1705 a spring containing mineral water was found at the western shore of the Ronneby river. This marked the beginning of Ronneby's history as a spa resort. The water was drawn up into bathtubs for patients to bathe in and was bottled to be sold by the city's chemist.

 You can still taste the water from the hand pump by Gamla källan (the Old Spring).

Popular spa resort

In the late 19th century the Danish landscape architect Henry August Flindt was charged with the task of extending Ronneby Brunn. Flindt was assisted by the master gardener Henrik Madelung.

Ronneby Brunn quickly won widespread fame for its diverse spa treatments, its fashionable hotel, its imposing park and the natural forest with viewing sites and bandstands.... Read more about the park by following the link to the right!


Published Monday, July 09, 2012

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